Starry Night

There are the ties that bind us here with everlasting faith.

We’d separate and break it off only to meet again and fall in love.

We’ll move forward.

When you’re feeling sad like you’re drowning deep inside your heart, we say hello while our eyes are closed then we smile like always.

You know, your eyes… they are beautiful.

Thank you, we’ll meet again.

Life always seems to repeat.

There’s no going back on this path.

Just keep looking ahead.

Thank you for all that you have done.

You and I keep moving forward.

We won’t let go of what we’re reaching for.

The bonds we share will never end.

When tomorrow comes, a new story begins.

We would talk and then we walk along the endless road ahead of us.

We’re not alone.

Those memories that we have stay deep inside.

We cherish those that we left behind.


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As I heard the music’s call, my body and soul begin to stall.

The song would turn my heart a blaze relaxing me as time went on.

As time passes, I begin to sing.

My teacher turns around as my voice begins to ring.

As I sang, he would play along.

As he and I made a masterpiece, a warmth fills the room with love and grace.

Yakusoku (Promise)

You know, right now, I’m watching you even if we’re apart.

In my heart, there’s an unending love for you.

Wipe away your tears and smile for me.

You are not alone.

To dream is to live.

Your sorrow gives you strength.

Let’s walk this endless road.

Let’s sing high above the sky.

My feelings will soon reach you.

Let’s make a promise to keep moving forward.

Thank you for smiles.

Hey, if I close my eyes, I can see you smiling.

Your love for me is like a light tenderly shining.

I can hear your voice calling out to me.

I’ll soon get to see you smiling at me.

Your pain will become courage someday.

I’ll always have your loving memories.

Let’s walk!

There’s no turning back.

Let’s sing with all of our friends.

Let our wishes reverberate.

Let’s make a promise to fulfill our dreams.

Thank you for love.

Like our days in the past, we raise our hands towards the sky.

We’ll keep chasing our dreams.

The future shall change.

Let’s walk this endless road.

Let’s sing high above the sky.

My feelings will soon reach you.

Let’s make a promise to keep moving forward.

Wipe away the tears.

Let’s walk on the chosen path.

Keep singing!

Let the prayers resonate.

Gently I vow, to fulfill my dreams.

To you and my companions,

I promise.

The Dark-Eyed Goddess

This is such a wonderful poem!! This deserves a reblog on my part.


Grace in step, from heaven beam the eye
All the world, may seem but fit to lie
In sullen ground, to wax a child’s cry
Yet lift above, to reach a woman’s smile

Ring no bells, no favour or duty holds
Her earnest gift, from creditor who folds
His modest back, in manners civilization told
From desert springs, flooded basin of the Nile

An image ideal, crushes in colossal glare
From Medusa turns, mortal failings in seething lair
Wrothful indulgence, rotting when exposed to air
Whited sepulchre, in a moment seeps all the vile

Cross abandoned, pallor sleep of no dreaming
Boring disillusion, a pit of precision reaming
A glancing mirror, holds with horrors teeming
So start again, build the mosaic tile by tile

Polite connection, modest persistence accumulates
Tapestry expansion, nexus grows from particulate
Fitting attraction, select complex and appreciate
Sudden achievement, plucked from attrition’s pile

Can furnace flame…

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This is an amazing poem about everyone will want to read!!!


IMG_20190120_173154 a Cortado – a new favourite

Barista warm her milk to the right degree
of heat released, skimmed foam free
Let their molecules infuse each other
Let her lactose cut his espresso
With a sensuality of lovers meeting
after a long dry abstinence, a sweet longing

In violent surrender melting into the other
Liquids mingling, passion rising
Aromatic half life lingering
And like a young love still brewing
It finds the other in this coffee cup
Sipped with deliberate tenderness
Lips parting so vulnerable, less sinful
without any artificial sweetener

A cortado is a new discovery of mine, a brew between a macchiato and flat white, it’s bitterness has a bite, a cortado is a connoisseurs delight, with equal amounts of milk and espresso, perfection achieved when the temperature is just right. Cortado in Spanish and Portuguese means to “cut”.

I stopped at a cafe for gelato and ended up having…

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Burning Heart

Starry Night

Holding your hand that felt so warm, our passionate love begins to form. In the light, you shine like the sun. With all that’s yet to come, we both will have so much fun.

From where the flames dance, there is a heat. Your passionate kiss is something ever so sweet. Deep inside of your burning heart, there is a love that is deemed to never part.

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Be strong new heart – free verse


IMG_20190121_150802.jpg following the snow and stones in Washington DC

Words stick like magenta strips
On my tired bones
Pushing past the tendon
Of worn out phrases
Plucked from a plumerian stone

Hanging askew the words looked
forward to grateful times
Lifting sentences with breath-like dew
Cold stone Colonnade,
smooth winter silk
Imaginary flights
of wingless birds

Dusting my dreams of freon kites
City sidewalks and tambourine lights
Dance with me the words whispered
Serendipity paves your path with Snow
Temple heart quivers

Bluestone cups smooth Celadon rims
Kind eyes cerulean and bright
Be brave when the sky is painted blue
Be strong new heart
Be brave in the small and big things too

© Gina@Singledust

trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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